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    The Housing Authority of the City of Marion has participated in the Comprehensive Grant Program (CGP) now called Capital Fund Program (CFP) since 1993, receiving funds each year to do capital improvements to its 328 units. During that time we have been able to make numerous improvements. Below is a partial list:
FAMILIES    1993 Upgraded ten accessible units & installed new lighting in dwelling units at Butler High-rise
Replaced flooring at Sherman Drive Development
Completed bathroom renovation at Sherman Drive and South Market Developments
Provided accessibility in the Community Room on Sherman Drive and Boyton
Tuckpointed stairwells at Lamar High-Rise
CFP    1994


New waterproof exterior finish and new air conditioning units for Butler High-Rise

Installed new entrance doors and locks in 49 units at scattered sites
New exterior doors, locks and air conditioning units on South Market
Renovated kitchens at Lamar High-rise



Upgraded elevators at Butler High-rise
Replaced windows in 64 scattered sites
Built additional storage for maintenance
Converted a three-bedroom unit to an accessible family unit


Replaced dwelling unit locks at Butler and Lamar High-Rises
Replaced flooring in 49 scattered sites
Replaced exterior locks at 15 scattered sites
Replaced appliances at Butler High-Rise, Sherman Drive and Boyton, and 49 scattered sites


New water softener for Butler High-Rise
New security screens, and electrical upgrade, and new solid interior doors at Sherman Drive and Boyton
New heat pumps at Lamar High-Rise


New access control system for Butler and Lamar High-Rises
New large capacity washers for laundry at Butler High-Rise
New furnaces and kitchen cabinets at 49 scattered sites
New vinyl siding at 15 scattered sites


Kitchen cabinets at Butler High-Rise
Bathroom renovation at Lamar High-Rise
New exterior doors at 15 scattered sites
    Listed below are the work items we have planned for Fiscal Year 2001 CFP funds which have only recently been released:
  Additional parking at Butler High-Rise
New solid interior doors and hot water heaters at 49 scattered sites
New flooring at South Market and Lamar High-Rise
    Our FY 2002 CFP budget was submitted with our Agency Plan and has not yet been approved by HUD. Following are the work items we are anticipating:
  New Community Room furniture and circulator pumps for Butler High-Rise
Renovation of parking areas at 9 scattered sites
Utility room upgrades for Sherman Drive and Boyton
Utility room upgrades and new solid interior doors at South Market
Building exterior renovation, Community Room furniture, and appliances at Lamar High-Rise
New solid interior doors and replacement flooring at 15 scattered sites

    HUD requires that we obligate each year’s funds within 18 months and expend them within three years. To date we have operated this program in a timely manner, and this has helped the Housing Authority maintain its High Performer status within the management indicator of the Public Housing Assessment System.

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